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The 31 Days Total Marriage Makeover Bootcamp is an intensive masterclass facilitated by your number one Marriage and Relationship Coaches, Bisi & Yomi Adewale.

This course involves the following lessons:
1: Sexual fulfilment in marriage
2: Tantalizing romance in marriage
3: Communications skills in marriage
4: Money management in marriage
5: In-laws management in marriage
6: Conflict management in marriage
7: God’s mindset for marriage
8: Skills building for marriage
9: Intimacy in marriage
10: Master key for marriage
11: Myths of marriage
12: Love language and marriage
13: Active builders in marriage
And lots more…

This course will take you through the rudiments of rejuvenating your marriage and will provide you with practicable steps on how to implement them to the benefit of your marriage.

This course is guaranteed to intensify the sweetness of love, romance and sex in your marriage as well as to get your marriage back on track if you’re having problems.
The course involves:
31 lessons,
3 Bonus videos
2: Rate cards




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