Attention: Newly Married and Those Wishing To Quit!

Revealed...The Secret Marriage Recipe That Keeps ALL Marriages ALIVE, TANTALIZING AND ROMANTIC Without Loosing Your Dignity and Aspirations.

Bad news: Most General Non Certified Everyday Marriage Advisers Don't know The Most Important Ingredient.


You missed out!

What will you do if you have the power to push the reset button on your marriage?

Will you still choose the spouse you married or will you instead gain the required knowledge for having a successful marriage?

I know the easy choice will be to choose another person to marry, as is common with anyone facing hell or wanting better in marriage.

But hey! Not so fast!

I have helped thousands of married, separated, and divorced couples become loving and joyful partners in their dream marriages and I want to help you  too now.

You see, there is a great chance the problem is not you or the person you married.

It's really not your fault.

The real issue is the ignorance about how to have a successful marriage.

You and your spouse might have been misled with the general, not practicable, surface level Nollywood marriage counsel you received that are common on social media these days.

And with that same consciousness in you, there is a higher chance you will face the same problem in another marriage

What if there is a way to revamp or transform your present marriage and make it heaven on earth for you and your spouse?

What if you can actually push the reset button on your own self instead and your spouse does the same too so you both become the perfect couple in the perfect marriage?

What if I introduce you to a transformation boot camp that will actually push the reset button on your knowledge about marriage...

And replace it with the real, deep secrets about building a successful marriage consciousness, thereby making your marriage the envy of other people facing hell in their own marriage?

Just before I do that, do any of these statements of frustration sound familiar to you presently?

This marriage is not the dream marriage I wanted to be in 

I'm tired of having the same fights with my partner.

My marriage is hurting, and I just want peace.

I feel so lonely and alone in my marriage.

We fight very often and hurt each other deeply.

We have little to no chemistry anymore.

Sex is dry and drab in our marriage.

I feel like my partner just doesn't understand me.

I'm not able to connect to my partner.

 I feel like I can't do anything right in her eyes.

I don't trust my partner anymore.

I'm sick of not feeling like a priority.

 I feel like we're strangers and I feel as if I've fallen out of love with my partner.

 I get little to no fulfillment in the relationship these days.

I regret ever marrying her because she's completely bad luck.

 I wish I could just change this version of him to what I want.

If you’re tired of continuing this way...

And you really want an IMMEDIATE solution that will make your home a place of peace, joy, and harmony...

 Then it’s time to make the great decision of your life.

But first, who am I to make this bold claim of the possibility of a great turn around in your marriage and why should you listen to me at all?

We've been reigniting the love in marriage since 1999

Bisi Adewale is my name.

I am a certified marriage coach, a Presidential member of American Association of Christian Counsellors, a relationship mentor, and an author of 125 books on marriage, relationship, parenting, and family life. 

Together with Olori Yomi, my beautiful wife, we’ve been helping couples build their marriages since September 9th, 1999. 

We’ve trained, counseled, and mentored thousands of couples to make their marriages joyful, tantalizing, and romantic. 

Now, we want to help you build the marriage of your dreams and the home of your joy. 

That is why we put together this 31-DAY TOTAL MARRIAGE MAKEOVER BOOT CAMP

Enroll in the 31- DAY TOTAL MARRIAGE MAKEOVER BOOTCAMP TODAY and create a happy marriage for you and your spouse.


You missed out!

Marriage should be what you enjoy with your spouse even if all your children leave home today.

If this is not the case, then you need to escape from the ignorance that brought you into this mess in the first place.

You got to this state because you only learnt marriage advice from general, non certified, everyday marriage advisers who themselves don’t have evidence of a long lasting marriage...

And who shy away from telling you the marriage secrets as raw as they can be.

Yes, they might have discussed some things on the surface,...

But they won’t go deeper into the fine and raw details that ‘holy’ people are too conservative to tell you.

This was why you might have thought marriage is just about 2 people living like roommates until you got the shock of your life.


But that ends today!

(can I hear AMEN?) 

Nothing Beats Enjoying One's Marriage

Nothing else beats the satisfaction of a great change in your marriage.

 Like the experience of Mr and Mrs. Sunday....

They both have been in a traumatic and plastic marriage for 25 years...

Until they came across the secrets I'm about to reveal to you in the bootcamp...

Then their marriage became heaven on earth for both of them.

Another beneficiary, Pastor Emmanuel, observed that this knowledge you’re about to gain is the very marriage insight you wouldn’t otherwise receive anywhere else,

 According to him,  “the holy, holy thing has ignorantly destroyed many marriages, and many homes are scattered because of their unfulfilled desires.”

Why wait till 25 years in marriage before you take the bold and great step to invest in knowledge...

So that you won’t just save your marriage but you also experience peace and joy in the marriage?

Why shy away from learning the very foundation of building a marriage that works?

God does not have a plan of frustration for you. He didn’t institute marriage so that you will become a slave or prisoner in it.

He wants marriage to work for you so your family can glorify him.

But you have to be taught how to build such a successful marriage and no other self-paced course can do that for you like the 31 DAY TOTAL MARRIAGE MAKEOVER BOOTCAMP

It is either your marriage is successful or you and your children pay big time for its destruction.

It is either you act now on the knowledge you'll gain in this bootcamp or you lose your marriage and pay heavily for it.

Ready to act now?


You missed out!

Here's What You Will Get In The Bootcamp When You Enroll Today

Bootcamp Day 1

God's Mindset For Marriage

Learn and know God’s Purpose, agenda and mindset for marriage and how to achieve them

Bootcamp Day 2

The Marriage Blueprint

Learn the road rap and blueprint for super marriage and how to follow them

Bootcamp Day 3

Myth Busters

Know the 12 lies they’ve been telling you about marriage and the whole truth about them.

Bootcamp Day 4

High Benefits Of Marriage

Learn how a good marriage will affect your longevity, health, finances, children, etc.

Bootcamp Day 5

Take 100% Responsibility

Learn how to take responsibility and change the course of your marriage.

Bootcamp Day 6

 A New Life For Your Marriage

Learn how to breathe new life into your marriage.

Bootcamp Day 7

Healthy You, Healthy Marriage

Emotional health for a strong marriage

Bootcamp Day 8

Conquer Self

Build self-control and be in charge of your emotions and actions.

Bootcamp Day 9

Kill Personal Demons

Overcome everything that makes you lesser like your negative characters, attitudes, etc.

Bootcamp Day 10


Uprooting marriage-destroying characters

Bootcamp Day 11


Characters to develop for a super marriage

Bootcamp Day 12


Easy ways to forgiveness in marriage

Bootcamp Day 13

Skill Building

Building the necessary skills for a super marriage 

Bootcamp Day 14


Grow into maturity in marriage

Bootcamp Day 15


Develop marriage-building attitudes

Bootcamp Day 16

Hidden Reasons Exposed

Get to know the hidden reasons why people are finding marriage so difficult these days.

Bootcamp Day 17


Learn to build strong marriage manners that can sustain a better home.

Bootcamp Day 18

Money Management

Learn how to make and manage money in your marriage

Bootcamp Day 19

In-Law To In-Love

Learn the act of in-laws’ management.

Bootcamp Day 20

Active Builders

Become an active builder in marriage. Know three things to build urgently.

Bootcamp Day 21

Stop The Fight

Learn the art of conflict management in marriage.

Bootcamp Day 22

Talk More, Talk Better

Learn about effective communication in marriage.

Bootcamp Day 23

Be a Worker

Know the work to do for a super marriage

Bootcamp Day 24

Know Your Spouse

Get to know the strategies to get to know your spouse better

Bootcamp Day 25

Killing the Killers

Know how to kill all the marriage killers around you.

Bootcamp Day 26

Fight For Your Marriage

Learn how to fight for your marriage.

Bootcamp Day 27

No Away Games

Learn how to break the secret of the stronghold of infidelity in your marriage

Bootcamp Day 28

Stop Anger

Learn how to manage anger in your marriage.

Bootcamp Day 29

More Than Unity

Learn the act of building strong intimacy in your marriage.

Bootcamp Day 30

Tantalizing Romance

Know how to romance your spouse better.

Bootcamp Day 31

Bedroom On Fire

Learn the science of sexual enjoyment and fulfillment in marriage.

Forever Access To The Bootcamp Recordings

You will have access to your portal immediately after the preorder period, where you will be able to take each day’s course via video for 31 days and retain access to it forever even after the 31 days is over.

Get 75% Discount When You Enroll During This Promo Period

Because I really want you to succeed in marriage and have the marriage of your dream, you will be geting the following bonuses when you enroll today

Special First Time Visit and Purchase Bonus

If you  purchase this course on first time visit to this page, you stand a chance to book 2  one on one virtual or physical counselling sessions with me worth  ₦100,000 and you also get the bonuses below

  • Bonus Video 1- 10 Things to Teach Your Children: In this Video you will learn ten things to teach your children to raise extraordinary children  (value ₦15,000) 
  • Bonus Video 2- 10 Things to Invest in Your Marriage: In this Video, you  will know what to invest in your marriage if you must enjoy romance in your home  (value  ₦15,000) 
  • Bonus Video 3-How to Get Out of Debt and Dominate Money: In this video, you will know how to pay off all debts and how to avoid debts  (value  ₦15,000)
  • Bonus Ebook 1-Understanding marriage Languages: This book will  teach you about the language to use in marriage for life to reign (value  ₦7,500)
  • Bonus Ebook 2- Talk your way to a better marriage: In this book, you will know the rudiments of effective communication in marriage in this book (value  ₦7,500)
  • Bonus Ebook 3- Marriage 5-5-5: In this Book, you will learn the deepest rules of 5 for marriage in this book.  (value  ₦7,500)
  • Bonus Guide 1- Marriage rating guide PDF; You will know how to rate the 20 departments of your marriage for improvement (value  ₦3,750).
  • Bonus Guide 2- Romance rating guide: This guide will teach you how to rate romance in your marriage and know how to get better. (value  ₦3,750).

Total Value:   ₦485,000

Course Start Day Price: ₦100,000

Today's Promo Price: ₦100,000  ₦25,000

The wisest man to ever live on earth says and I quote "Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. "

Exposure to the deep secrets of marital success changes your worldview and that of your spouse about marriage...

This makes you work on yourself to become the person suited for a successful marriage....

The transformation occurring in you and that of your spouse makes your marital success a natural consequence


You missed out!


Read The Testimonial Of Our Members


25 years troubled marriage mended.

We've been married for 25 years, and in those years, we have never been in such an atmosphere as this. Our marriage has been a combination of a traumatic and plastic marriage. We got exposed to the secret of romancing our way to a better marriage. I'm grateful to God for you.

Mr. and Mrs. Sunday 

Raw and direct

God bless you for this program. May your ministry continue to grow. We were immensely blessed with your teaching. It was raw and direct.

Gboyega Ojo

Practical, raw, and down to earth

Thank you, sir, for taking out the time to discover this critical and sensitive area of the ministry and also for developing it; you were so practical, raw, and down to earth. In short, the holy, holy thing has ignorantly destroyed many marriages, and many homes are scattered because of their unfulfilled desires. May God continue to bless you and your family, IJN. Amen.

Pastor Emmanuel Ala.

Found new purpose for marriage

Mere words can't explain it; Honeymoon reloaded raised to the power of 10 billion. I found a new wine and purpose for my marriage.

Olajide Glory

11 years marriage now romantic

We bless God for the program; it met our long-time needs. After 11 years of marriage, our marriage is now romantic, Halleluyah.

Pastor Wole

Marriage now 100% romatic

It has been 85% romantic and 15% plastic before now, but to the glory of God, we are 100% romantic. Once again, thanks to God of this calling, and more anointing to both

Olomoshola Olumuyiwa

No more resentments

Thank God we made it here. No more resentments; we are in a romantic marriage

Mrs. Nkirun

The Destiny of Your Marriage Now Depends on Your Decison Now

The decision to get started today is fully yours to make...

You can choose any option beginning with the option to choose nothing and do nothing and continue with your marital life as it is now.

It's fully your choice and that's fine by me although it would make me sad to see you still in a bad marriage.

 Yet, your decision is your decision.


 if you want to change your marital life experience,and actually build a successful marriage with your spouse...

 Then you have the second option which is the key to your marriage success and attainable by my 31 DAY TOTAL MARRIAGE MAKEOVER BOOTCAMP


You missed out!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

 If you don't get a transformation in your marriage after going through and following the lessons in the 31 Day Total Mariage Makeover Bootcamp, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Bisi Adewale

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the program take place?

100% online

Will I have access to the course upon payment?

Yes, you have immediate access to the course

Will I be given any certificates?

Yes, you will be awarded a digital certificate after the program.

Must I finish the program within 31 days?

No, go at your pace; you can finish it before 31 days or take longer than that.

Can I watch the program without my spouse?

While we recommend that watching with your spouse will give the best result, we always say two heads are better than one, but one head is better than none.

Go ahead and take the class alone; apply what you learn. It will certainly affect your spouse and draw them to you.

Can you guarantee that it will turn my marriage around if I enroll?

We have a money-back guarantee that if you and your spouse can go through the program and practice everything we teach you in the 31 courses in the boot camp, you will have a better, stronger, and sweeter marriage.

Will I get a discount on other courses and books?

Yes, all the participants of this program will have a limited-time discount on some of our programs.

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