The plan of God for all His children is to enjoy and have a fulfilling marriage, but in most cases, it isn’t so, because we allow other factors to influence our choice than God’s dictate and instructions which is the smartest way to choose a life partner.

This course will open your eyes and show you step-by-step ways to choose a spouse that will give you absolute rest. It contains:

31 Things to be cautious of when choosing a life partner

25 Reasons to pray before choosing a life partner

15 Benefits of Counsel before choice making

12 ways to have a glorious marriage

10 Things that will be preserved when you choose the right spouse

10 Communication Strategies in Marriage choice making

9 Advantages to choosing a life partner by revelation

9 Agents that can correct and guide you in choosing a life partner

9 Ways to Get the right conviction before you choose a life partner

8 Things to Observe well when Choosing a life partner

How to know if someone is spiritually fit to be your spouse

And lots more.


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