Pre-marital Training




(Six Weeks, 18 Teachings, Pre-Marital Training Classes)

Venue: virtual or on-site

This is a 6-week therapy session that will help you and your intending partner become a better version of yourselves and help you identify the changes and steps to take to have a healthier you and a better marriage.

We will provide you with tools and practical wisdom and strategies that will give your marriage a solid foundation and catapult you to the next level in your relationship and your personal life.

This can involve only one intending couple and can also involve other intending couples joining to make the class interesting

We will hold your hands spiritually, mentally and emotionally to ensure you achieve the goals we set during these sessions and leave no stones unturned. Let’s begin the transformation you desire in your emotional life and your relationship.

Each session consists of 3 lectures per week


1: God’s original blueprint for marriage

2: Temperament and marriage

3: Salvation and marriage

4: Love Languages and marriage

5: Communication in marriage

6: Conflict management in marriage

7: Maturity in marriage

8: Gender differences and marriage

9: Sex in marriage

10: Five faces of marriage

11: Responsibilities and marriage

12: Exposing hidden destroyers of marriage

13: Handling arguments in marriage

14: Money management in marriage

15: In-laws management in marriage

16: Building trust in marriage

17: Building a functional Christian home

18: Killing killers of marriage


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